About us

Buenos días!

We are Nina and Marisol, co-founders of Latin Baking Company. We are the proud creators of an Argentinian artisanal bakery that is based in Amsterdam and brings the authentic taste of Argentina to Europe!

Hola! I am Nina

I grew op in Buenos Aires in Argentina. My family are Portuguese and Italian immigrants, so we definitely know how to appreciate good food :). When living in Argentina, I always shared Argentinian pastries with my family and friends. You can find them on every street corner in Buenos Aires and are an important part of our daily life. Although I worked in finance, my child hood dream was to go to Europe and study pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. After years of savings I finally moved to the 15th arrondissement in Paris in 2017. I could not believe this was happening! A year later I graduated as a professional pastry chef. My favorite pastry is the Argentinian classic, ‘la medialuna’.

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“The pastries from Latin Baking Company make us remember our mothers, our grandparents and take us back to the streets of Buenos Aires like nothing ever changed”


Hola! I am Marisol

Buenos! I am Marisol, and I have been a professional chef my entire life. I was born and raised in La Pampa in Argentina. This enormous province is the heart of Argentina and consists of wide prairies, farms and little picturesque villages where time stands still. I started to work in restaurants in the region, while moving myself up the ladder to end up in Buenos Aires. After a few years I was asked to move to Australia and (after that) Europe to work in the kitchen of various well known restaurants, including ‘the legend’ restaurant ‘El Bulli’.

PS: Read the interview with Marisol in Australia here (Spanish).

 The streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina

How it all started…

We first met as colleagues at the pre-opening of a new hotel in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). We both worked in the kitchen and we quickly discovered we shared the same dream: starting our own baking company. But not a regular baking company. The pastry products needed to be authentic, honest with real ingredients and based on original Argentinian recipes. Representing our culture and the love for food. 

“The memories sparked by the smell of fresh baked pastries still makes us nostalgic and emotional. It’s that warm-and-fuzzy feeling that nothing can replace."

One day at the hotel during low season, we started to bake some traditional Argentinian pastries. There was nothing else to do that day, so we were using various recipes we’d learned from our grandparents. We baked ‘medialunas’ - a laminated rich dough, soft inside and crunchy outside, glazed with a slow cooked syrup. Out of boredom we posted a picture in one of the social media groups of Argentinian people living in The Netherlands. The result was completely unexpected…. We got completely overwhelmed by the number of messages from people that wanted to pick up our pastries at the hotel (some of them driving for over 2.5 hours!). It was clear there was an opportunity for more. Amsterdam Baking Company was born.

Our big moment… 

We’d been working a few months now in the house of Marisol. As we did not have any funds - let alone a professional kitchen - we put up an oven and a few tools in the laundry room. We baked in the weekends and delivered to clients in the Amsterdam region by car or bicycle. But things started to change in a big way when we launched our webshop in combination with a professional courier service. Our pastry boxes were now available to all the people living in The Netherlands.

Always strive for perfection

We still remember the first online order coming in through our webshop. “It was like magic". We grew rapidly. We increased our production. We got better. We broadened our pastry portfolio. And we perfected the quality and service along the way. We now serve to thousands of clients in The Netherlands and we are expanding into Europe with Latin Baking Company.

Today we are still a really artisanal company. We prefer quality over quantity. Our growth should never result in any concessions on the quality of our products and the relationship we have with our customers

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Nina and Marisol.